Two Swimming Geese (1)

Artist: Shoson Ohara

Name: Two Swimming Geese (1)

Date: 1928

Source: Ohmi Gallery

Description: From the reknown collection of the late Robert Muller. A gorgeous kacho-e scene of two white geese swimming, by Shoson Ohara (also known as Koson). This print stands as a testament to the creative skills of the woodblock print carver and printer, who have given 3-D life to this scene by using strong kara-zuri (embossing, blind printing) to the geese and water (see example image). Stunningly beautiful! This rare pre-war strike has been well preserved – it is in near-pristine condition. Artist signature and seal at upper left. “Made in Japan” seal on verso. Watanabe C seal in the right margin. (1) This item is either untitled or the title is unknown.

Ohara Koson - Two Swimming Geese (1)

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