Egret on Snowy Branch

Artist: Shoson Ohara

Name: Egret on Snowy Branch

Date: Not set

Description: Monday, 28 January 2008 I have been collecting Japanese woodblock prints for a number of years. This is the holy grail of Koson’s fabulous woodblock career. Pictured on the cover of Crows Cranes and Camellias. I had it archivally matted and framed by an expert, Mr. R. O. Muller’s son. Considered pre earthquake it was never reprinted and is as rare as they come. Good color and bleed through, it was never laid down and has it’s original margins. One small light brown spot in the feathers as you can see, still has the pink detail on the feathers and green around the beak, two colors that bleach out first in old prints exposed to light. No foxing, rips, tears, holes. If you know your prints you know how hard this is to find. I doubt I will ever have another one.

Ohara Koson - Egret on Snowy Branch

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