Kisen Hoshi

Woodblock Prints Title: Kisen Hôshi

Publication: 1810

Size: Vertical ôban; 37.9 x 26 cm (14 15/16 x 10 1/4 in.)

Publisher: Unknown

Signature: Katsushika Hokusai ga; Tonan sho

Notes: Kisen (喜撰?) also known as Kisen Hōshi (喜撰法師?) was an early Heian period Buddhist monk and poet. He lived in Ujiyama Province and was one of the six poet laureates whose work was to be considered as superior.

The kanji read this in Japanese : Poem (Kokinshû 983, Hyakunin isshu 8): Waga io wa/ miyako no tatsumi/ shika zo sumu/ yo o ujiyama to/ hito wa iu nari

Hokusai - Kisen Hoshi - 6 Poetic Immortals

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