White Wall

Artist: Yoshida Toshi

Name: White Wall

Date: Not set

Description: Offered for sale is a wonderful, pencil signed (and thus lifetime impression), woodblock by Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995), titled White Wall. In the left margin, embossed in Japanese is the date 1963, along with an embossed jikoku seal, indicating that the blocks were carved by Toshi himself. It depicts a garden at the Moss Temple and is from the “white-line” garden print series, in which Toshi used a white outline rather than the traditional black outline. According to Eugene M. Skibbe in his seminal book Yoshida Toshi: Nature, Art and Peace, in this series of prints Toshi incorporated ideas from his earlier abstract oil painting and prints into otherwise traditional material. Toshi Yoshida is the eldest son of Hiroshi Yoshida, one of the preeminent shin hanga school masters, and in the last few years since his death, has finally been achieving the recognition that bypassed him during his lifetime. This print is in pristine condition, with intense colors. It is from a private collection, and has never been framed. The image measures approximately 8 x 12 ? inches, plus full margins. Because it is difficult to see the embossed date and jikoku seal in the margin, they are not included in the detail scans.

Hiroshi Yoshida - White Wall

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