Shirahama Beach (jizuri, handsigned, deluxe)

Artist: Yoshida Hiroshi

Name: Shirahama Beach (jizuri, handsigned, deluxe)

Date: 1937.

Description: Shirahama beach is a beautiful, white sand beach near Shimoda City in Shizuoka prefecture. It is a popular surfing beach crowded with students and young people during summer vacation time. Shimoda, on the contrary to the pleasant trendy atmosphere today, it was historically known as the landing place of Commodore Perry’s “black ships” in 1854. They forced Japanese government to open the borders and sent the nation in social turmoil. (This particular print has extra wide margins and decorative Yoshida seal embossed on the right margin. They indicate this print was made as deluxe early edition.) .

Hiroshi Yoshida - Shirahama Beach (jizuri, handsigned, deluxe)

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