Boy and Fish

Artist: Kawano Kaoru

Name: Boy and Fish

Date: 1958

Description: This is an artwork signed by Kaoru Kawano (1916-1965). Kawano is a famous woodblock artist in the Taisho/Showa Era. He is as famous as Kawase Hasui and Hiroshi Yoshida. They opened a new Era of Ukiyoe and formed the core of Shin-Hanga. Kawano’s work is highly searched for by collectors. I am not sure if this is a woodblock print or something else. It is on a hard cardboard. The penciled signature of Kawano Kaoru is at the bottom of this piece. The pencil indentation of his signature is very clear and is not printed on it. The size of this artwork is 9 1/2 x 10 1/2 3/4 inches. The colors are vivid. As far as I can tell, there are no defects, foxing, or stains and this artwork is in excellent condition.

Hiroshi Yoshida - Boy and Fish

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